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Does the roof of your home or commercial building spring leaks whenever a storm passes through? Seen any telltale discoloring or water stains on your ceiling? Has a fallen branch from a tree left a gaping hole in your roof? Call us now to speak with Tariffville Connecticut roofer who can address your roofing issues. From repair to maintenance to roof replacement, you'll get an Tariffville CT roofing company who can do it all. Give us a call right now, we have customer service standing by to take your call. 833-111-6155

Roof Repair In Tariffville Connecticut

You know when your Tariffville CT roof needs repair. It's not just leaks dripping from above. Brown, discolored stains form on your ceiling. You see curling, cracked or missing shingles on your roof. You find asphalt granules from your composite roof on sidewalks or driveways after a rainstorm. You also know that delaying minor roof repairs means major expense in the future as rainwater can begin rotting roof decking and causing leaks elsewhere on the roof of your Tariffville Connecticut home or business.

If you have noticed any signs of wear on your roof. Please give us a call now 833-111-6155 to speak with a Tariffville roofer, who will be able to schedule an appointment immediately.

Tariffville CT Roof Replacement

Unless the roof on your Tariffville Connecticut home is made from slate or clay tiles, at some point it will need replacement. Different types of roofing material have varying lengths of service life. Replacing a roof in Tariffville CT generally includes removing old roofing material and making any necessary repairs to the decking (the substrate beneath roofing material, either oriented strand board aka OSB or—preferably—pressure-treated CDX plywood). A new roof is then installed with a felt layer of tarpaper placed between the decking and the shingles.

While most Connecticut cost-conscious property owners generally opt for composite-asphalt shingles for their building's roof, their service life can widely vary depending upon the quality of materials. Some may last only 15 years while the longevity of top-shelf composite shingles may endure as long as half a century. Many Tariffville, CT residents prefer other materials like wood shingles/shakes or standing-seam metal roofing for more compelling visual aesthetics. These materials may last anywhere from 25 to 40 years. For a roof that truly lasts a "lifetime," choose clay tile or slate. All roofing materials, particularly wood, need scheduled maintenance performed to reach the full potential of their intended service life.

Contact us today to find Tariffville roofing professionals who can replace your roof based on your needs and expectations.

Types Of Roofing Material In Hartford County

shingles on a Tariffville home The most common roofing system used in Tariffville, based on cost and service life, is composite-asphalt shingles. Those of the highest quality may well last the remainder of your lifetime if installed and maintained properly. Remember—never power wash composite-asphalt shingles and immediately remove any moss or lichens found growing on their surface.

grey metal roofing Metal roofs aren't just for commercial buildings anymore. They're found on homes across Tariffville, CT, prized for their visually-compelling appearance and longevity. Correctly installed, standing-seam metal roofing systems will last up to 50 years. Maintenance is key to this roof's service life and performance; metal panels need to be checked periodically for fastener and sealant integrity.

slate roofing The most visually attractive as well as longest-lasting roofing systems are those made from slate and clay tiles (such as those found on Mediterranean- or Spanish-style homes). Tariffville home with roofs made from slate and clay tiles last for centuries, offering unmatched durability and a timeless look. Key to maintaining these roofs is prompt replacement of cracked tiles and weathered flashings (typically metal but any pliable material that prevents roof leakage, used with projections like chimneys or dormers or adjacent walls).

wood shingles demo Wood shingles and shakes (thicker and more durable than shingles) are also popular in Connecticut. Shakes last longer than shingles but both need attentive maintenance, as the timely removal of moss and lichens is vital to its longevity. Too, curled, cracked, split or cupped shingles or shakes need immediate replacement.

No matter the composition of your Tariffville, CT roof, we have roofing specialists to service, maintain, repair and replace your roof. Don't let roofing problems overwhelm you with exorbitant replacement and repair costs. Call us today to protect the value of your home or business and receive the peace of mind a secure and properly maintained roof.